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I’m Robin Schwarzfeld. Sound always fascinated me so I studied, worked and (re)searched in the broad variety of audio businesses. Starting with compositions, soundscapes, and audio production for artists in commercial music I soon wanted to dig deeper into the field of audio physics, digital processing and multi-medial sound installations. After traveling through south america I’ve studied sound and music production (SMP) and founded a media agency (Click&Clever) and since that have been responsible for a large number of sound-designs, foley works and compositions for numerous companies such as Mercedes Benz, Adidas, Hessen, Goethe Institute, Neulandherzer, etc..

Besides the creative process of scoring videos and composing music I am interested in all kinds of audio processing. Restoration of distorted recordings, spectral cleaning, de-noising and voice manipulation such as de-verbing and pitch correction. I play the Piano since more then 20 Years so the first instruments I’ve recorded were grand pianos and vintage electric pianos. Somehow my personal fascination about “old” instruments never stopped  so (besides orchestral recordings at the Frankfurt opera) I also arranged and recorded chamber music and string quartets. Thus I’m always curious about new audio experiences I am happy to help finding solutions for complicated situations in unconventional locations or never-heard-of-instruments. For example I did a lot of recordings and mixings for Rafael Sotomayor founder of the Hand-Pan manufacture Opsilon.
If you want to compose, produce music and any kind of sound feel free to contact me.

Software skills:

Ableton Live

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